Stephanie Borowicz will get our community and state back on track by focusing on our priorities and principles.  

Taxes:  Eliminate wasteful spending, reform government and fight to cut taxes for families, seniors, farmers and job creators.

Jobs: Reduce the burdensome regulations that put Pennsylvania in a competitive disadvantage and cut the job-crushing taxes our employers face to spark economic growth.

Education: Empower teachers and parents – NOT Harrisburg Bureaucrats – with more control over local education decisions and stop the unfunded mandates that increase school budgets and property taxes.

Opioid Crisis: Focus on prevention, educate at-risk individuals and provide counseling to prevent addiction.

Safety: Ensure our schools and law enforcement, fire and EMS professionals have the resources and equipment they need to keep our children and community members safe.

Energy: Harnessing our abundant natural resources in an environmentally responsible way to keep energy costs low

Agriculture: Preserve our agricultural heritage and family farms and ensure Penn State’s agricultural extension and research programs are fully funded.  

Constitutional Rights: Get government off the backs of the people, protect our God-given rights and freedoms, and safeguard our 2nd Amendment Rights and the sanctity of human life.