Retired State Trooper Endorses Stephanie in an Open Letter


To whom it may concern,

I have had the pleasure of being friends with Stephanie Borowicz and her family for several years and through our interaction I have found that she is a woman with integrity who stands by her principles and who is instinctively drawn to selfless service.  She is a person who genuinely cares about the future of Pennsylvanians and Americans. Keeping that in mind, I believe that any individual can achieve and succeed at anything, anywhere, if that one individual passionately cares and as I stated above, Stephanie Borowicz cares deeply about her family, her church, our community, our Commonwealth and our country.

 I am a proud American and Pennsylvanian who honorably served our County for four years in the United States military deploying as a Military Working Dog handler to missions such as Operation Just Cause in 1989 and Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990.  I’ve also served our Commonwealth as a Pennsylvania State Trooper for over 25 years from which I’ve recently retired. I can confidently say that Stephanie Borowicz shares my personal vision of a strong, proud, safe and prosperous Pennsylvania. Knowing Stephanie Borowicz as well as I do, I believe that she also shares the vision of our Nation’s founding fathers and founding documents.

 I have had the unique opportunity to work in all 67 counties of Pennsylvania which includes many days spent in the cities of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and most recently Harrisburg where I supervised investigations of Political and Public corruption across Pennsylvania.  I spent fifteen years working in Centre County and I have been a resident of Clinton County for over 30 years. It is no secret that statistically the cities of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg lean democrat politically and due to the large population within those cities they garner much attention from Pennsylvania’s elected officials.  However, it has been my experience that the thousands of Pennsylvanians living in the towns, villages, boroughs and rural areas between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have not had their voices heard or maybe to a greater extent have had our voices suppressed by the first class and large city populous.

I read a quote from a philosopher who stated, “There are many things that I believe that I shall never say. But I shall never say the things that I do not believe.'" So, to my point in the previous paragraph, I do believe that if elected to Pennsylvania's seventy-sixth state house district, Stephanie Borowicz will work for those Pennsylvanians whose voice has not been heard and whose needs have not been met. I believe that Stephanie Borowicz is the better candidate for a myriad of reasons which includes her principles and her passion to serve her fellow Pennsylvanians.

A recent study concluded that among career choices, a politician is one of the least respected professions in America today for some obvious reasons caused by Republicans and Democrats alike. Dirty politics is sure to raise its ugly head and in the coming weeks and months, we will hear many things about Stephanie and her challenger.

In full disclosure, I am a proud conservative but I do not vote straight party ticket nor do I tow the Republican line. I am looking for a candidate who will do the right things for the right reasons. I do not personally know the Democrat challenger and therefore cannot give any personal insight; neither good nor bad.  However, I would not vote for, nor do I encourage anyone to vote simply for a familiar name and/or for a candidate who wants to begin where his father ended after 14 terms equaling twenty-eight years.

In closing, it is my sincere belief that Stephanie Borowicz will not trade righteousness for convenience. In other words, she will not trade what is right for what is easy…..and I think any wise Pennsylvanian would agree that we could use more of that in Harrisburg.   

Warm regards,

Harold W. Rinker Jr. 

Harold W. Rinker Jr. Lieutenant – Pennsylvania State Police, retired